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Our laboratories have all the necessary equipment to satisfy the needs of our customers and to accomplish the deadlines that are so important to us.

Among all the equipment of Docuchem the following ones stand out:

LC-MS (Shimadzu 8050)

Coupled with one of our UHPLC system, we have our Mass Spectrometer detector Shimadzu 8050. It is based on a triple quadrupole which provides very sensitive analysis and it has APCI and ESI ionization sources.

LC with Charged Aerosol Detector (CAD)

LC equipment with Charged Aerosol Detector (CAD), with detection capacity for a wide range of non-volatile and semi-volatile analytes, offering a uniform response that allows precise quantification of them.


Shimadzu – Nexera X2 UHPLC and Shimadzu – iProminence LC 2030 HPLC systems.

We have the following detectors available in our UHPLC systems:

  • PDA detector
  • Triple quadrupole MS detector
  • RID detector
  • ELSD detector
  • Fluorescence detector

Oven and automatic titrator

  • Metrohm: 885 Compact Oven sample changer, 916 Ti-Touch y 917 Coulometer.
  • With this equipment we can perform titrations following USP 541.
  • USP 921 I C titrations by direct introduction or by evaporative technique.
  • EP 2.5.32 micro determination of water and EP 2.5.12 semi-micro determination of water.
  • Karl-Fischer titration following USP 921 I A (direct titration) and following USP 921 I B (residual titration).
  • EP 2.5.11 complexometric titrations, EP 2.2.20 potentiometric titrations and EP 2.2.19 amperometric titrations.


Gas Chromatograph Shimadzu GC-2014 with FID detector. Capillary, semi capillary and glass columns.

Dissolution tester

Dissolution test from Agilent Technologies 708-DS with autosampler 850-DS Dissolution Sampling Station.


UV spectrometer from Simadzu UV-1800.


Micro Osmometer The Advanced™ 3300.


  • Brookfield DV-E equipped with spindles to viscosities from 5 to 2000000 cps.
  • Capillary viscosimeter cannon fenske type with thermostatic bath.
  • Capillary viscosimeter Ubbelodhe type with thermostatic bath.

Hardness test

Hardness test Sotax/Pharmatron MultiTest50.


Disgregation test

Disintegration test Sotax/Pharmatron DisiTest50 Master.

Oximeter and pH-meter

Oximeter from Hannah instruments, Edge.

pH-metro from Hannah instruments, HI122.

Laminar Flow cabinet

Telstar AV-30/70.

Analytical balances

  • Sartorius Secura 26-1s, Ohaus AX224 and Ohaus EX225D.
  • Our balances are annually ENAC certified and also tested as per USP minimum weight of 5 and 20mg.